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17 May
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I am almost 16... woo hoo! And I am soon to be a 6th year at Hogwarts... hell yeah!
I am always being pestered by my gits of brothers (I have 6!!!). But there is still Hermione (my best friend) to look after me (as she does every one!).
Anyway, I played Seeker for Gryffindor but I really love being a Chaser. My favorite team is Puddlemere United (go Oliver!). I also like to sing but I think I sound horrid, so I don't let anyone hear me.
Umm... I enjoy long walks along the lake and watching the sunrise... Bloody hell I sound like a Muggle personal add... not that I need one (DON'T tell Ron. Or Fred. Or George. Or Percy. Or Bill. Or Charlie. Or Mum. Or Dad. Or Hermione. On second thought, don't tell anyone. Damn, why did I tell you in the first place?).

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